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Introduction to C Programming Language | History, Features | Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial on the C programming language, you will learn the introduction part of the C language, its history and why you have to study it when there are so many other languages are available in this modern world. Click Here to watch the video on Introduction to Computer Programming and Programming languages A computer is a general purpose machine that can perform many computational and task but these computer's there really can't do anything on their own. so for this computer to do something one has to give the instructions to it. These instructions which are given to this computer are called as program and the person who is going to write this programs / instructions is called as the programmer. And the language in which these instructions are written is called as a programming language. The C language is one of the programming language which we can use to write the instructions for the computer or C is one of the language which can be used to write the computer programs. C was created in 1972 at Bell Laboratories of USA by a team lead by Dennis Ritchie and he called his new language as the C because it was the successor of the existing language at that time called as the B language. this B language was influenced by BCPL Originally this C language was created to write the operating systems and compilers but later because of its simplicity and its features it became one of the popular programming language and even to this day it is one of the popular programming language used. why One has to study the C programming language when there are so many other languages are available. As a programmer, the programming language that you choose should offer a lot of benefits to you. It should be the most efficient, a reliable language. It should be a simple language and it should be easy to learn and it should be platform independent. And this c language has all these features. Beginning the programming courier with c will give the profound understanding of the programming basics. Having knowledge in c will make learning of object oriented programming languages like c++ java c# a lot more easier. One Question every one has is where c is used. Since this language is a general purpose programming language, it can be used to write the major parts of the Operating System, games, embed devices etc. C Language was used to write the programs for the Curiosity Rover sent to Mars by NASA. in short we can say that c is used in all applications where performance is the critical factor and when less resources are available . LearningLad in social media facebook twitter Google+