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10 OMG On Stage Moments That Left Fans SHOOK

Subscribe to our channel: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We all love seeing those OMG moments when a celebrity bails, does something inappropriate or just completely embarrasses themselves...luckily most of these superstars are pros at recovering and laughing along with their fans. From Cardi B going off on a fan to Justin Bieber puking and falling, to Iggy backing off the stage and Nicki Minaj having a major wardrobe malfunction, these moments will have you SHOOK! Meghan Trainor on “The Tonight Show” is one for the books, but it’s Drake, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande who’s embarrassing moments take the cake. As for “One Direction” stud, Harry Styles, there no going back when your band mates turn against you. Watch this video to see all the crazy, shocking, and downright hilarious bails and absurd moments that singer and rappers have endured. We bet you haven’t seen some of the epic bails that made us all gasp and hope that the performer was alright!